Names? (Name changing, question about available names)

So, I’m pretty new to Phobies. I know, “Noob coming in to rant on the forums about something, what an idiot” - hear me out, alright?

Upon opening the game, I obviously created an account. To do that, I needed a name. Most of my presence on games, online accounts, etc. are under the username Mr.Spooks, I wanted to name myself that in Phobies as well. I like the name, it has history, and fits perfectly for a spooky game. But after trying probably around 8 variations of the name, I got tired of the name being ‘unavailable’. Honestly, I don’t know why, but I just got a little pissed and spammed my keyboard and now my name is something along the lines of ‘fkskdjthjsjd’. Needless to say, I hate this name. Being known as something that looks like a keyboard had an aneurysm is not ideal, but according to what I have read, there is no way to change your name.

Honestly, I find it quite dumb that games forbid changing your name, I never understood why any game has that ‘One free name change’ deal, such as Apex, OW, etc. How ever, one change is better than none. Does anyone agree with me that there should be an option to change your name, at least once?

And while I’m at it, does anyone have any idea why the names ‘Mr.Spooks’, ‘MrSpooks’, ‘MrSpookBones’, ‘MisterSpookBones’, (and then the same idea but with a bunch of numbers at the end) were all unavailable? I find it hard to believe that all of them have already been taken, so what is it? Is it banned? Is it somehow flagged as profanity? Is it just too spooky? Please, enlighten me.

  • Spooks (A.K.A keyboard masher)

hnnn, bad luck; your nickname sounds normal maybe other person have it, You looked if in Frenemies there was already someone with that username?

Actually, yes, and nothing comes up under ‘Mr.Spooks’, ‘MrSpooks’ or ‘MrSpookBones’ (other variations were simply too long), so I really don’t get the deal with the name. Pretty upset about my name being the way it is, if I’m honest. If only I could keep myself from mashing the keyboard.

hnnn, I don’t know; normally with console gamertags you can change the name by which you are universally recognized in games and if you want to change it costs you money, but directly in games you can’t, in Dark Souls if you make a character that stays like that, only in DS3 and Elden Ring you can change the appearance but not the name; but since they depend on the mactmaking of either Xbox or Play Station, you can give it any name no matter if it is repeated.
the problem would be that, that Phobies does not depend on a universal service, use his own servers; Being able to change your name could cause cloning and theft account issues, it would take a lot of time to solve something like that, and considering that Phobies is on the App store and Steam that are not so Xbox, Nintendo and Play Station offer, I do not think it will be easily solved.