Is this a bug or is this guy cheating?

In a async match today with sinfobias, i tried to recapture the panic point with my lvl 6 muffintop with 632 health but he instantly died with a lvl 7 poison ivy trap that does 413 damage and applies 295 poison. And i am confused what happened, i thought he will capture the panic point and just get poisoned, just like my previous phobie electricat did.

He killed my lvl 5 maggie with 671 health also instantly with that trap only. If he is cheating pls take actions against him

Poison damage and capturing panic point apply in the same player end turn. And your phobies must be alive in the next turn to capture panic point.

In your case, poison damage killed your phobie before it takes the panic point. So that was not a bug.

That’s not how poison works in this game. First you need to get poisoned and then you take poison damage after 1 turn of both opponents.

when i use poison ivy , it works the same both poison and trap damage are dealt when opponent
ends the turn .

I think I have to check my previous matches with poison ivy , if its true that’s a too good of a trap.

Ya u r right guys, i guess poison ivy is too good

Thanks guys for the replies :smiley:

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I’ll go ahead and close this thread as it has been resolved!
Cheers for the answers, guys!