Calculations I don't understand

Undeads leech 40% of the damage they deal to the enemy.
Stabby reflects 30% of the damage dealt by the enemy.

So why do I leech and get reflected the same number?

normally that should not happen, it may be a bug. although when you kill a dimensional phobie it reflects the damage it would do with its normal attacks; I don’t know the circumstances in which that happened to you.

No, I didn’t kill it. It’s Stabby’s damage reflection.

rarely, posible a bug.

Hey @SaTaNiStIc!

This might be a bug. I’m curious, could you tell me which phobie you tried leeching with? And did you kill Stabby on the same turn, perchance? Because Stabby’s reflect damage accumulates along with his dimensional death pull and may have been the factor.

It is best if you make a ticket or report the bug with video / picture evidence in the Discord server so that we’re able to help you with your case better. Alternatively, you could send an e-mail over to and include the following information:

  • your IGN (in-game name)
  • platform that you were playing on during bug occurence
  • operating system / OS (android, iOS, windows, etc.)
  • detailed description of the issue and the steps you took for it to happen
  • lastly, a screenshot or video of the issue you’re facing (preferably video)

Hope we can help you out!

I looked at the match records but it seems that I didn’t leech any health. Guess it misshowed while I was playing.

If I had to guess, you can’t leech more health than your missing health. If you are full health and you lose health equal to 30% of your attack, then it’s the maximum you can leech.

The amount of displayed amount is always equal to the health difference. E.g. if you have 1 health and you get 300 damage, then only 1 damage will be shown. The same goes with healing.

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