Stabby, It's Voodoo!

While upgrading Stabby, our favorite voodoo doll unit, with spare cards, I noticed that his special ability remains at 0% and never gains in percentage after multiple upgrades, can it ever go above 30%? and if not then why list the upgrade percentage as 0% in the upgrade menu?
Is the team yet undecided if Stabby deserves an upgrade to his passive?

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Indeed, this is intentional. Look at it like this: A phobie having 100% damage knock back aka It’s Voodo dealing the damage dealt but x100, game breaker, no? If you’d like to learn more about this, check out the #ask-a-dev channel over at Phobies Game

Ofcourse that would be less than ideal, my point still stands though, if the stat is capped at 30% why display 0% on the upgrade page, why give me hope? :sweat_smile:

Well considering special abilities such as Murder Wing’s do get an upgrade. It is set by default to show stats such as that +0%.

It’s not a game breaking thing anyway, just a small detail I notcied, maybe this thread should be in the feedback section.

IMO i think its good to show 0%, so it is clear to the player they are not going to receive a bonus to that stat. A lot of games I play actually do show +0 to stats with no upgrades, so to me, this is proper UX.

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The game could be consistent and show +0 for every stat that isn’t changing, such as:
+0 to movement speed,
+0 to range,
+0 to poison duration
+0 to debuff duration
+0 to cooldown
+0 to movement speed boost
Or the game could be consistent and never show +0 in upgrade details.

So far Stabby is the only phobie in my collection that has displayed +0 for a stat. It’s not consistent. But why?

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it is consistant, as the +0% shows up in other phobies, like suckee’s lifesteal passive.
Adding +0 to all those stats you mentioned would confuse players

Take in consideration that none of the range, movement speed, poison duration, debuff duration, cooldown and speed boost are at the “damage” tile of numbers,and so those won’t change

The question goes unanswered still.
What is the reason to display the 0% figure in the upgrade menu on a stat that is already capped and can’t be upgraded?
If you say it’s so that players know it won’t increase, removing it from the list of “upgradable” stats would achieve the same result.
The only way this makes sense is if eventually, say after 10 upgrades that 0% turns to 1% and makes my eyes tear up with joy, the other would be if the player is upgrading the card from say 20% - 30% on the course of a few levels until the upgrade stat is slowly pushed down to 0%, limit reached.
Yet so far I think that everyone’s Stabby is the same regarding It’s Voodoo ability, we all get 30% reflect damage with a redundant 0% figure on the upgrade page every time we go for the level up, and with no hope for that figure to change, no matter how many cards are fed into it, so I’m asking again, even though it’s not a big deal, what’s the point of the 0% figure? ^^

IMO this is really just bikeshedding at this point, I dont think the dev should waste time on such minor details.

I’m sure the devs appreciate the feedback, considering the fact that a fair amount of the fan base is probably comprised of people on the spectrum and nitpicking comes natural to such individuals. So the opportunities to tick off a player with “trivial” matters should be kept to a minimum in my opinion.
Think about a chess board that’s missing a row number or letter. For someone with a certain disposition, playing on such a board would be maddening to say the least.

I strongly suspect it’s because at some point, when a specific level is reached that 0% turns to 1%, but I would like confirmation from a team member on that.

Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense.