Challenge 19 developers error maybe?

I’m stuck in challenge 19
Where you need to kill all phobies, but the last one survives with 80 hp
Don’t know if it’s my mistake or a devs error

you are probably doing something wrong. I passed that challenge without any problem

some of them are pretty tricky. but def passable

if you really cant pass it, there are spoilers on youtube

some advice

use all special tiles to your advantage

use all actions. i dont recall a single challenge that didnt use every character and every action

dont feel bad if u need help, i had to cheat on 3 out of the 50 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve finished all 50 challenges, they’re definitely all completable.

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I realized it was my mistake, thanks :+1:

I completed them all but after Challenge 30 I started watching them on Youtube to find out how to complete them. :skull:

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yeaaah I had to look on google for help with a few, less than 10 but at least 5.
usually because i didn’t realize a phobie was dimensional or that the square had lava on it.
would maybe be nice if they had a little type indicator on their HP bar

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