Challenge's help

stuck on challenge #45

does anyone have “spoilers” for the challenges?

  1. Move Murder Wing to power point then use his ability on BoMangles.

  2. Move Primate #9 next to Gravedigger and use his ability on Furkin Leepricarn

  3. Move Baby Snaky next to Furkin Leepricarn and attack him.

  4. Move Minotaur next to Baby Snaky, have him attack to kill Furkin Leepricarn.

  5. Move Unbearable in range of Doughzer and attack him.

  6. Move Gravedigger to where Minotaur first was, which is the panic point. Have him attack Sheeping Gas.

  7. End Turn.

thanks! will close topic

Thanks @Klepto for assisting @HuntingTreasure I will be closing this topic now. :slight_smile: