Help with challenge 67

No matter how hard I try I can’t beat challenge 67. Does anyone know how to do it?

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Did you already solved it? :eye:

No. (some random text to fill the 20 character limit)

First use Missmofat and pull minotaur into the abyss => Use jar cannon and go for the first panic point and hit Jill using Jar Cannon => Get closer using the sheep and then use the ability => Now use Muffintop and take the second panic point => Then use Miley bulley and take the last panic point => Send turn and boom

Oh wait, I just realized that it was challenge 68, not 67. I think I got confused because 1-50 and 51-80 are separated in 2 different pages.

@SaTaNiStIc Ops, Late response. Send me what you need to do in that challenge.

What do you mean by “What you need to do in that challenge”?

Uhm… You know that challenges say something like :

Collect 3 panic points, Or defeat X Phobie with X Phobie or Try to survive this game. Things like that :sob:

It says “Keep all your phobies alive this turn”. The undeads need to leech health, but I just can’t push the enemies so that they’re close enough.

If your talking about this challenge then:

  1. Use octonaughty to pull moley bully inbetween grave digger and K9000 creating a ‘v’ shape

  1. Use Finnigan to push moley bully up one tile creating a triangle

  1. Move Attractor 1 tile to the right and use it’s pull ability on moley bully

  1. Move Rambolina behind molly bully and use the ability on moley bully

  1. Attack each of the units with the corresponding undead troops

Hope this helped, @SaTaNiStIc

Good luck with the other challenges :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

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Well closing this epic post now.