Let’s see who is the first to solve this challenge #3

Hmm… this is a bit difficult cause i will need some assumptions cause heartbreaker randomly select the tile he teleport thr enemy from… anyway I’ll give it a try

Heavo move to panic tile on the right
Heavo use skill and push grim reaper
Fetch move to pushed grim reaper and use skill
Octo moves 2 tile to the left, Using skill on cottontale
Heartbreaker use skill on Flopsy

Assuming flopsy Teleported to where octo was then

Hematic Ginsting to Boost Pad and use skill on Flopsy, cottontale should’ve downed by now
Ginsting hit Jackalope with skill while downing the rest
Heartbreaker move to step Cottontale
Moffet can do 2 move and ginsting 1 move to finish the skeletons with no particular orders.

I forgot to put the objective, it is to kill everyone in this case you would kill all the reindeer, but you would need grimes

oh shoot i thought the lava was a hole cause the background confused me… i wish we can have this implemented in the game so i can try it out
this is fun! and good job to you for making such challenges!