Chance for new phobies

First of all, the game is great, the playstyle the graphics and the concept generally. But when it comes to opening packs, almost every time there isnt a new phobie but an owned phobie which you probably dont use that much. The game overall is a p2w game and it cant be hidden. I dont mind playing against ppl who have everything like 8-10 levels above my own but when i only play with the same phobies over and over again it gets ridiculous and boring. So i suggest increasing the chance for getting new phobies on packs, both tear packs ( which you get one every three days if you have time to play enough) and coffee packs (which are very hard to get anyways). That way ppl can have a bigger variety of phobies and they can adopt - change their playstyle depending on the match. I dont mean having a new phobie on every pack because that way everyone would have most of the phobies unlocked. Maybe by increasing the chance for new ones and by adding more and more phobies into the game balance and fun will prevail. Thank you for reading this text and sorry for any “English mistakes”:smiley:

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Hey Boo! We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us, especially as we want to continue to make positive improvements to the game and experiences for our community.

Thankfully, all Phobies of varying rarity typings do have their pros, cons, and moments to shine. We will forward your feedback to our team for consideration and continue to add fun and exciting content to the game. :slight_smile: