No new phobies for over two months

For over two months the only new phobie I’ve gotten has been from the seasonal pack. Ive been opening packs all the time of all kind even bought the horrific pack for 800 cofees and still got nothing

It’s rough man. Spent 1200 beans and got nothing new over the last month. Really wish they’d adjust some things in the game to make it feel less of a grind. At least give me something good when I finally save up the coffee. Hate to spend coffee and just get more cowbell :frowning:

1/3 those are the packs ive opened since i posted that. Didn’t even get anything from the seasonal pack. I seriously think that’s a bug. Few months ago i was getting something new every 4 5 tries i don’t 3ven have that much phobies only 33/4



Hey Halzik.
It sounds like there is some bad luck with the packs, it can happen. However, if you believe there is a bug, please create a ticket on our discord at under #request-support or email us at so we can investigate this for you. : )

I’ve had my fair share of unlucky packs, too. We’ll do our best to look into this.

Yeah I also got nothing from the season pack at doomsday 1. I think they really need to rethink their pull rates. It’s just so frustrating to save up for a coffee pack and get nothing. Am currently a week into saving for my first dreadful pack. Might have it by Christmas if I’m lucky lol. (please make this game more fun by upping chances of a new phobie or developing a level 1 only mode)