Closing app

the app automatically close in my account ( ) but when i’m using other account or will start a new game it’s running

Hey ranz,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some trouble! We’ll be more than happy to investigate this for you.

Can you also please provide us with more information:

  • What is your Phobies In-Game Name?
  • What Device are you playing the game on?
  • What Operating System and Version are you using?
  • Does this happen on other devices as well?
  • Any error code pop up at all that you can see?

thanks for the response!
in-game name is KingOfKingsI’m using an Android phone
there is no error code pop up
yes it happen on other devices. the game/app automatically close when that account is login but when I’m using other account it’s running well

No worries! So KingofKings is the account that is attached to the email above and experiencing difficulty?
I’ll forward this to the team to investigate and see what may be the trouble.

[ Note ] We’re currently undergoing maintenance at this time as well. Once maintenance is over, try logging back in with the account experiencing trouble and let us know if the issue still persists.

yes it is. thank you so much

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Just wanted to update that our team is investigating this issue for you, ranz!
We do appreciate the patience and will update you on the status as soon as we can.

Thank you for reporting this to the team. : )

Hi Ranz. Your account should be unblocked now. Let us know if you have any further problems logging in.


thank you for solving the problem. I feel so good now! cheers!

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