Games hangs/freezes at the start

This is an example of a game where the screen freezes/hangs. I can’t do anything but to restart the phobies app. I experience it in arena mode many times a day and i cant play properly, worse is one game frozen/hanged equals one lose and thus reducing my points in arena. Please help. Thank you.

By the way, i play in phone.
Samsung Galaxy A10s
Android Version 11

Hey there. It doesn’t unfreeze after a certain amount of time?
Any crashing/crash errors at all or are you forced to close down?

Yes maam. It doesn’t unfreeze and im forced to close the app and restart it.

We will need your logs. Can you send those via ticket over on discord - under #request-support

Okay maam. Ill try to get the logs.

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Screenshot_20230405-131909_My Files

I found the logs already maam. How can i send it in the ticket at discord?

(Attachment Phobies.log is missing)

(Attachment Phobies_old.log is missing)

Hey Alien. I believe you have a ticket open. You should be ale to drag the file themselves and not the text into chat in the ticket.
I will respond to you over there :slight_smile: