[Contest] Phobies Low Cost Cosplay Challenge

A bit last minute, but in the spirit of the Halloween season, we’re challenging all Phobies Wranglers to do a “Low Cost Cosplay” of any of the Phobies!
:one: Share a low-budget cosplay of yourself (or your friend, sibling, or pet) as any of the Phobies. You can recycle everyday materials or stuff you find at home in creating your costume - you can also let us know what materials you used!
:two: Post on your Facebook or Instagram account. Make sure it’s set in public. Include your entry with your IGN (In-Game Name) and the hashtag #phobieslowcostcosplay2023.
:three: Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. Our judges will be selected SGI staff
:four: 1st Prize Winner will get 20, 000 coffee
2nd Prize Winner will get 10, 000 coffee
8 Consolation Prize Winners will get 5,000 coffee each
Winning entries will be featured on our official social media platforms.
:trophy: The entry deadline is November 9, 2023, at 12 PM PDT. Winners will be announced on November 23, 2023!

[EDIT:] Announcement of winners will be on November 23, 2023!

:point_right: Check out the previous winners in this link: www.instagram.com/p/CkSMUEkrqPc

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Our team had a fun time checking out and judging the “Phobies Low-Cost Cosplay” entries! I hope the participants also had a fun time making their costumes and participating! Anyway, without further ado… here are the winners!
:trophy: GRAND PRIZE WINNER :trophy:
:sparkles: Mildred by Familyguy
Mildred - Familyguy

:trophy: 2ND PLACE PRIZE WINNER :trophy:
:sparkles: Grimes by juanDineno

:medal_sports: Baba Yaga by Alice’s.D.

:medal_sports: Boofairy by SpongeSir

:medal_sports: Charon by крыс

:medal_sports: Conductor by Hongo125
Conductor - Hongo125

:medal_sports: Furkin Leepricarn by Cuchau469

:medal_sports: Hi-Five by Karst

:medal_sports: Jill by azúcarD

:medal_sports: Mummy by 8kakashi8

And to everyone who participated, you’ve been amazing as well!

And because Boss also enjoyed the finalists’ entries and we think you all did a great job the other finalists will get 500 Coffee each!
:tada: Batula - Ambers
:tada: BOOM - Checkmate.
:tada: Conductor - ТИМОХА_TV
:tada: Droney - T_-rox87
:tada: Hi-Five - TertianSneez
:tada: Batula - Jill - ĐiệpĐạiĐế
:tada: Staremaster - wawanXwX
:tada: Woolly Bully - dym23

NOTE: To the contest winners, we will insert the coffee into your account :slightly_smiling_face: Give us 2-3 working days :slightly_smiling_face:

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