[Event] Phobies Meme-ified Contest... Take 2!

Because you gave us all a good laugh in the first meme contest so… we’re do it again! Do you think you can win the internet with your memes?

  1. Post your meme on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag @Phobies (Facebook) @phobiesgame (Instagram) account.
  2. Include your IGN (in-game name) on your post and the hashtag #phobiesmeme #phobiesgame. Make sure the post is public.
  3. The meme must be related to Phobies. Memes containing vulgar, offensive, and sexual content are strictly prohibited.

Formats: Image, video, or gif

Criteria for judging:

30% witty and humourous
30% relevance to the Phobies game
20% creativity
20% uniqueness and originality

2500 Coffee for 3 Grand Prize Winners
1000 Coffee for 5 Consolation Prize Winners

CONTEST ENDS: April 10, 2023 - 10 AM PST

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We are sorry for the delay on the announcement of winners of the Meme contest.

We are just finalizing the collection of entries and should be able to announce the winners within the week.

Thank you for your patience.

We sincerely apologise for the delay in the announcement of winners but we had a great time judging the Phobie meme-ified contest! So here are the winners… Congratulations to:

1st: ANDA&MINI17 - My fifth entry for the Meme Event. IGN: ANDA&MINI17 if you guys don't know, hopeloy is the highest stress level player and he is at stress level 128 now... | By Alfianda | Facebook
2nd: Snoope - Phobies Official | Phobies IGN: Snoope #phobiesmeme #phobyesgame
3rd: DrPain - Esta vez les traigo un video, espero les agrade c: My IGN: DrPain #PhobiesGame #phobiesmeme | By Samuel | Facebook

Consolation Prizes:
Khoi1507 - Phobies Official | IGN: Khoi1507
LuchoPortuan - Phobies Official | Razor mouth - Electricat - Bad omen
bandidocr4ck - Phobies Official | My first meme IGN: bandidocr4ck #phobies #phobiesmeme
crusito_21 - Cruz Hernandez on Instagram: "Suicide Squad IGN: crusito_21 @phobiesgame #phobiesgame #phobiesmeme"
Lydion - Ly on Instagram: "IGN: Lydion #phobiesmeme #phobiesgame @phobiesgame"

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Prizes will be given to the winners within 1-3 working days

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