[Event] Phobies Meme-ified Contest

Do you think you can win the internet with your memes?

  1. Post your meme on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag @Phobies (Facebook) @phobiesgame (Instagram) account.
  2. Include your IGN on your post and the hashtag #phobiesmeme #phobiesgame. Make sure the post is public.
  3. The meme must be related to Phobies. Memes containing vulgar, offensive, and sexual content are strictly prohibited.
  4. Maximum 3 entries can be submitted per Instagram account.

Formats: Image or Video

Criteria for judging:

30% witty and humourous
30% relevance to the Phobies game
20% creativity
20% uniqueness and originality

2000 Coffee for 3 Grand Prize Winners
800 Coffee for 5 Consolation Prize Winners

CONTEST ENDS: September 21, 2022 - 10 AM PST


“Maximum 3 entries can be submitted per Instagram account”, or Facebook accout right?!

Yes, that’s right! @Mig-21

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It can be both picture or video right?

Just still image for now @MHDSAFACITY83

Miss NekoRei, can you tell us the reason why its only image meme? And not video meme too?
My first and second entry is video meme and last night i just know that you saying its only image meme is making me dissapointed. The event information is also not fully clear the event is just for image meme.
Im hoping you will allow video meme aswell :frowning:


@ANDA apologies if the mechanics wasn’t clear enough… we don’t mind making exception for video memes too… I will include it in the mechanics now… Also, FYI @MHDSAFACITY83

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I know I’m not in the contest I just wanted to share this. Sorry about the bad photo quality.


It’s funny, why not post it on social media as an entry?

I’ll post here my memes too for all the community


Hello Phobies Wranglers!

Thank you so much for submitting your hilarious meme entries! It was tough to pick the best as they’re all funny! Anyway, here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winners: 2000 Coffee Beans

Consolation Prize Winners:

Congratulations! Your prize will be given to you within 5 working days!

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