Crash -Loot Bug

Spins had literary just reset to full and all were ready for opening, but when I opened the first one the game hung on the clown animation and wouldn’t respond. After closing and reopening the game, I was awarded the single spin but now all spins are used up, cheating me of all the rest of my owed spins.

Hey Aradiel. Thank you for your patience and sorry to hear that you were experiencing trouble.

Could you email our support team with the following information so we can submit a report for investigation?

What is your Phobies In-Game Name?:
What device/system do you play Phobies on?:
What Operating System/Version are you using?:
Any screenshots/videos/clips of the error?:
Do you continue to experience any trouble?:

We may also need your logs so we can look further into this issue:
To collect your logs, you can visit this forum link here and scroll down to the device you use to play Phobies.
Follow the instructions on how to collect them and attach them to your next email response: