Daily Lippy's quest won't refresh

My lippy’s quest won’t refresh and instead the first time I open the game every day it just says it will refresh in 22 hours. Username: TragicCar and I have it on both steam and IOS. Neither the steam or the IOS have the quest functioning

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Hey Tragic!
Sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with the quests resetting.
Reaching out to see if your quests have reset since?

Actually, I just checked and my quest did just reset, but today is the first day that it worked. The timer for it is still 22 hours but it no longer is locked as completed. It didn’t reset on it’s own, but it did reset when my two of my other quests got completed and reset.

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Very happy to hear that they reset. If you do come across any similar issue, please don’t hesitate to reach back out!

Lipi quest will not reset if you have made more than 3 defeats in a row before resetting.