Declaration of war on Steam

As many of you might know, You can now vote for the Steam Awards, and among all the categories there was the award for the best soundtrack, and you can’t immagine my disappointment when I discovered that Phobies was not an option.
Now, THIS is what i call an offense and the only solution I can see is declaring war to Steam.
Are you and your phobies with me?

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But, sir, I ain’t never been in a war, sir :worried:

Don’t despair, comrade
If you will follow me in this war I can assure you that it will be worth it, and if you will ever want to leave the fight I won’t judge you, since I know the fear you can feel in a war.
Will you be with me?

I am with you, Sargeant.

As a reward for your dedication in this war, you are now awarded with the position of Chief Corporal-Major in order to improve our army with dedication and bravery.
Do you swear allegance to the sacred organization of the Smoking Gun Interactive Inc, Chief Corporal-Major Yarrr?

I do, sir.

We need more soldiers, Chief Corporal-Major Yarrr.
Do you have any ideas?