If you could add something into the game, what would it be?

Hi! This is the topic i have created, i have made it to talk about things that could be changed or added into the game!

I would add emote texts, you would be able to buy them with 25 coffee each and they would say things like: Good game! Well played! Hi! Thanks! and maybe even more situational stuff, what do you think?


New game modes in the pvp, like one that you only need to capture the points and the map is large

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Different modes. Not only Arena and Async.

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Something like a main character, so you can choose one of several, with different passive abilities that give little bonuses to your phobies, maybe with factional division

Or talents for phobies to choose from. In general, something that makes you more unique


A different game mode, maybe VIP, where you pick a phobie to try keep alive the whole game. Depending on its key cost it could have more health, greater range, greater damage, more movements, etc.

You best the enemy VIP, you win. You lose yours, you lose.

Maybe in any game there could be nodes that add advantages or disadvantages. Such as a node that creates a slowing/damaging area for the team that doesn’t control it. Or a node that controls a strong NPC phobie, and it can either be killed or control is switched if the node is taken.

I want tournament mode + leaderboard, where your phobies are all level 1 and you can only play phobies your opponent also owns.

It would honestly be nice to add a coop area mode but for “arena” only, otherwise, we’ll be waiting forever for people to return.

Sort of guild where we could get/ donate cards also chatting area , emojis that could be unlocked when you unlock a certain phobie , somehow equalise player distribution , better matchmaking more dynamic maps

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As said new game modes would be good like keep X Phobies alive this game. Or capture the flag.

Also 2v2 games would be cool in a little larger maps

Perhaps a sort of wondering trader card shop? Where you can buy upgrade cards or new phobies for tears and coffee. But certain rarities aren’t obtainable this way, like ultra rares.

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Death Battle Mode. You spawn your 3 most powerful phobies in a large map without any key limits. The objective is to kill all enemy phobies (There is no heart).
And I would add daily challenges so you can earn XP, tears, coffee or even some card packs! (Card pack ones are much harder, and gets harder based on what pack it is. For example an Uneasy Pack challenge is easier, but a Terrifying Pack challenge is the hardest. Terrifying Pack is the most you can get from a challenge.)

(Also don’t confuse this with quests. This is the challenge mode, but it comes daily.)

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Battle emotes, additional filter options (e.g. filter all Dimensionals), a Battle Pass, and a VIP track to incentivize spenders.

It would be useful to be able to see, before you re enter a match, if your opponent has surrendered, that way you could leave it for the next day when your cap is reset and don’t lose those tears!!!
Or be able to rewatch from the LAST turn…

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I would like to suggest to give the chance to choose the game to paly in the async mode.
thank you.

Quests with friends
Realistic ways to obtain phobies
Actuall rewards