Defeated Phobies Category

Similar to what was already implemented when we have more than 30 phobies, I was hoping if you guys could add a section for defeated phobies. In this case, browsing phobies will be much easier and more efficient.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? ----------------------------vvvv—

I personally think this would be very useful especially in arena battles. Time is very limited and those couple of seconds it would save could potentially clutch the game.

The thing about that system is that it actually doesn’t filters Phobies by keys but only brings you to that section. On top of this suggestion, I’d like to ask for a revamp where when clicking a certain number, it will only show the phobies with those amount of keys instead of pulling us to it. All dead phobies will be automatically removed from the list or be transferred to a defeated phobies filter category like danlandan suggested.

Great suggestions.


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