Dial and other new phobies

Not too long ago me and a friend of mine were speculating on possible new phobies mechanics, one of them was what dial does exactly to a T, weird coincidence huh?

Wonder if any other predictions will come up as well.

Dial though, definitely heavy utility usage it literally has nothing else going for it besides its utility, wonder if its gonna be just like clinico. Been noticing mechanical seems to have the majority of the utility phobies in their arsenal, especially now that they’ve got ice-scream too.

If any of you are wondering what the hell im talking about its on their twitter, seems like an interesting phobie, and its mechanical so a plus for me.

No idea what the other phobies do though, thinking one of them has an ability like bull rush. One of them is a hog and the other is im guessing a buffalo? Ps: (just noticed the bug thing with will maybe some weird phobie control shenanigans? Upon further observation it seems he is a whale…)