Uhhhhh, HELLO HELLO DEVS, could you look into something rq?

Uhhhh @chu your a dev right? Could i have your attention for a little bit
So, this fella @Lulitara has a suggestion phobie that thinks could be a very hearty addition for phobies

Its called, uhhhh, “rosie”
6 keys
400 atk
2300 hp
1 walking movement
2 single target ranged atk
Her passive ability is to counter attack the enemy heart whenever she gets damaged

I know i am a mere mortal compared to you devs, and it sounds like a bit too much, but uhhhhh, pretty please since i promised that fella to get your attention? Since we have heart dependent phobies like ogre and hoovey, why not make another one:D


Thx bro you’re a goat, i let you my game name if you want " Luminer "

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woah this looks crazy

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it, i hope it can be aded in the game