[Discuss] Full Disclosure Release Trailer and Teasers

Hello Phobies Wranglers.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been posting teasers on our social media platforms, and just recently released a trailer of the upcoming update.

On June 28th, our biggest content release yet unleashes 13 new Phobies to collect and 5 new stress worlds that are chock full of fresh new rewards. To make things even more dazzling, the Full Disclosure release also includes 5 new haunting maps that will add more unique strategies for you and your Phobies to uncover.

That’s not all! We are also introducing premium monthly and yearly subscriptions, specially crafted to meet the needs of our hardcore players, as well as a second, even better starter pack.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it here: Phobies - Full Disclosure Trailer - YouTube

Feel free to discuss, share your feedback, and tell us what you think about the upcoming update below!


Any estimate on the time the update will release? I’m hyped!