Phobies Release 1.5 - Carnival of Fears

On October 4th, the Carnival of Fears brings the biggest compilation of updates yet! 8 spooky new Phobies will be stepping out of the shadows, introducing 6 new unique abilities and countless new tactics to explore. The twists and turns continue with 10 new map layouts, 30 unique challenges to face, and a brand-new “creepy” carnival environment that will make a frightfully delightful stage for your Phobies to play on!

The time to raise the curtain is here! Join us and celebrate your Phobies favorite time of year!

WATCH :point_right: Carnival of Fears Trailer


There are so much hype in the community for the update.

I hope the carnival will be a good event with quests, new content and new stuff for the game. Not just maps and new phobies release that only a few players will get.

I think that the events and releases should give to all the players the oportunity of get at least one of the new phobies, the players after completing few tasks could drop a worth reward.


Super hyped, cant wait to see those luchadores in action.

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Any new sales coming with the update? Regardless, I’m hyped!

Seeecreeeeet hehehe :zipper_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is so cool… I am so hyped!!! :laughing:

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Yes! Please make some part of this like an event and not just an update. Have some missions that can be completed to have a guaranteed chance of getting one of these new Phobies. Maybe have an exclusive card pack available that has a high chance for one of the new ones.


@NekoRei so we saw on the official phobies instagram today that bad omen will be “available exlusively in the Month of Bad Luck special offer for a limited time!” (straight from the ig post) What exactly does this mean? Is this a guaranteed way to obtain a new Phobie? What is this exactly?