[Discuss] What’s Your Opening Move: “The Big House” map

What’s your opening move going to be for this map?

Share your strategy below!

here have good options, Stabby or Boomangles to prepare defenses, 1key and creep to poison and run, 1 key and cassorwary or spud to make presure, 3 of 1 key to take panic points; but normaly is needed take the most close panic point to start to deal damage; for the second player is important prepare to posible enemy attack.
you can prepare to take the others panic points upside or threat the enemy so him don’t take yours, the biggest fight is for the center and down is very important to keep the enemy at bay so that he does not corner you.

stud on bottom point is a good opening move, sadly I don’t have spud

me neither have the potato.