[Discuss] What’s Your Opening Move: “Mysomania” map

What’s your opening move going to be for this map?

Share your strategy below!

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actualy in first turn im use only Umbearable to capture panic point and advice the enemy to no capture the center.
in second turn have some complications but I start whit Grave Digger to front and break the wall between the center and another phobie to capture the another panic point; the other phobie are Murder Wing, Cassowary, Razor mouth, Snowball; depen the enemy strategy.

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If im up on first turn ill go with venus to the side center panic point so i can place trap in the middle panic point, and ill go with catapult to the stim pad for buff dmg.

I usually capture the first two with cheap Phobies. Creep and razor mouth/cowbell.

For that map I save my jar cannon and/or murderwing for the power platform thingy when Phobies begin to rush my heart.