Dreadful Packs

Just opened 5 dreadful packs in a row given its Christmas Day and all in the hopes of acquiring a new super rare phobie and from the 5 total packs, I got a total of 2 new rare phobies… After checking the pack “odds” and details, it says you should expect 2 new phobies per pack… What a total scam… I know they’ll say the usual obligatory dribble that the packs are random and you get more upgrade cards if you don’t get new phones, but WHAT, A, TOTAL, SCAM! It is basically IMPOSSIBLE to get a new super rate phobie unless you take out a second mortgage to spend $100K on dreadful packs… As is the case with everything else in this rigged, corrupt, money hungry world, it’s all just another way to steal your money and scam you for everything they can get from you… Merry ****** Christmas…

Wait… 10K BEANS… next time only spam terrifying packs

YO I FOUGHT YOU THE OTHER DAY! wsg, sorry for the 10k wasted
also watched your fight on miss cha