My dreadful pack was, well, dreadful!

It takes me two months to gather enough coffee to purchase the dreadful pack. I get very excited as I know I can get two new phobies, maybe an ultra rare one. Got my pack, got a lot of nice upgrade cards. But for those top 4 cards: three of them were upgrade cards, and then one RARE phobie, Temptresss. It’s not even a very wow phobie. I was seriously very disappointed at what I got. Usually I would get at least 2 new phobies, and the pack guarantees 2 new phobies, and here I get just one rare phobie. The last time I purchased a dreadful pack, it was also not very wow. And for us not paying ourselves towards more coffee, it really takes a lot to build up to this, just to be disappointed. No man, please update your dreadful pack to be less… dreadful please!


It has DREADFUL in the name, the whole point of it is to buy it only one time only for the ultra rare phobie lmao

Haha I realized it after fully reading the details of this pack. But strangely every time I could open it (which takes like 2 to 3 months), I could get an ultra rare one and that’s why I was surprised I didn’t this time. But think about it, I’m spending 2000 coffee which takes hard work or lots of cash to accumulate, and then you are rewarded with crappy semi-useless phobies, if you get phobies at all! One would expect it to be more rewarding.

Simply dont open it, spam either one of the other packs, you dont get tortured as much

which phobie did you get?