Encountered 2 hackers so far

Encountered one hacker that summoned about 20 keys worth of phobies on turn one. Encountered a second hacker that was using abilities, moving and attacking multiple times all in a single turn. Any work towards fixing this issue?

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If you include your in game name and the match information they could check the replays.

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Game was on 3/17 against a player named “Potatoooo”. My IGN is JDowT. Youll be able to see him cheat from the very first turn. Yeah my ranked points back would be nice if possible.

Hi, JDowT. We already banned Potatoooo, did you still get matched with him today?

Were you able to get the username of the 2nd hacker?

Also, our team has already worked on a fix to prevent this hack from happening in the game again, it will be applied in the upcoming update. :slight_smile:

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No i believe potatoooo was 2 days ago now. I tried quickly searching for the other one in my math history but I would need a more detailed search to find him. Is match history limited on how many games it shows?

Hi JDowT

Yes match history is limited to the last 50 games.yiu have played in either mode.