Caught a cheater

Caught a cheater while playing with this player, when he realized I was winning he ran some program that changed the key count, their numbers were changing very quickly

At first it happened for 3 seconds, then on the next turn it lasted 30 seconds and then I was thrown out of the game the game is completely closed

This is not the first time this happens with this player, but before it was different when he lost during the game appeared a sign with the inscription and the game completely hangs

And now he has a new way to win and get coffee for it.

Should we tag one of the moderator?

Yes, unless it has been fixed. They will likely ask you to open a ticket in discord.

Bro couldn’t take the L :sob: he needed a trillion keys to win :skull:


Hey DRAGAN. Thank you for the report!
Do you have a clip of this match you can send over to us at

Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced some trouble!

Alas, there is no video of the fight. I only managed to take a screenshot of the last seconds of the fight.

there is only a replay of the battle record on the account but it does not show how the player applied this program

Hey Dragan, you taking a break off arena last season? Didn’t see you at the top XD

checked where and how best to perform tasks, by what rating in the table

Sorry, I beg your pardon?