Enemy's game replay has disappeared

After the latest upgrade when I enter an asynchronous game the enemy’s game replay is skipped. How can I configure the game so that I can watch it? Thanks!

This is with an existing / current match and not a previous one, correct?
I will see if I can gather some clarification but I’m wondering if the update may have something to do with it.

Do your newer matches on the update produce the same result or just the ones initiated before the update?

Hi @YurIh were you trying to view an old game replay (prior to the update) or a new replay from a match you had after the update.

Do note that the “match replays” refreshes each time we have a new release, that’s why you will not be able to view old replays prior to the update. Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:

That was the case! Once the older games were over, everything went back to normal. Thank you so much!

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With that being the case! I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to create a new thread!