Event Rewards

I completed all the levels of the birthday bash monster bash event, also pitched the VIP pass. instead of getting a tier 1 reward I got a tier 3 reward. Why is that?
Can anyone explain this?

Which tier you get is random, getting higher in the rewards track improves your odds of getting higher tiers. If you clicked the ‘i’ icon you could see the exact odds of getting each tier at max track level.
Tier 3 for max track is about average


Ngl they should have rewarded ppl for completely finishing the tier, why did I pay and then finish to the highest tier only to then get like the orange or yellow reward. I was hoping I’d get a higher rating but instead I got the 40% mark which is basic for the ppl who didn’t pay, you get me. I get their are whales out there but I worked on it, I didn’t just pay lots of money for packs. I played and won and my reward is the same as the guy who worked just as hard without paying. Just frustrated and wanted to get this off my chest