New phobie idea #3: Bluto


Unit race: Monster
Card type: Ultra-rare
Key cost: 5

Stats on level 1:

  • Health: 1300
  • Ground movement: 1
  • Lob Attack Range: 2
  • Attack damage: 370
  • Passive ability: “Overflood”

Every time Bluto receives damage, it creates a “puddle” that covers all the adjacent tiles where it is placed (it works just like honey bear, disabling panic points and fire)

This phobie is based on the fear of baths (Ablutophobia) and pretty much works like a tank that can be useful on maps with many fire tiles, what do ya think?

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It’s a cool concept, it could help go against those that spam a lot of fire phobies.
Although I do think the amount of extremely situational phobies should be kept to a minimum…


For a 5 keys and 1 movement phobies, its health is too little, even lower than Gingsting, a 4 key 2 movement phobies.

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It could probably have some more health (like mentioned above), sounds like a cool counter to boss though. :slight_smile:

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