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Game Modes - Ranked Modes

You will be matched with a random opponent of a similar skill level. Every win and loss of a ranked game affects your rating score in that mode.
There are 2 ranked game modes:

  • AsyncIcon_colored Async – Players respond to opponents’ turns asynchronously before their response time expires.
  • ArenaIcon_colored_skew Arena – Both players play an entire game in real-time. Each turn has a time-limit and the opponent sees moves as they’re made. Player’s turns are automatically submitted when their time runs out.

Game Modes
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Game Modes - Practice

You can play with an AI opponent in this game mode to polish your skills. There are several options to be selected in this mode.

  • Difficulty – The AI opponent will be harder to deal with when a higher difficulty is selected.
  • Map – You can choose a specific map to start a practice game or leave it random.

There are limited chances to play Practice Mode everyday. The chances will be reset everyday.
There’s no resources to be rewarded for winning a Practice Mode game.

Game Modes
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Game Modes - Challenges

Challenge Mode games are pre-designed puzzles for you to solve and earn rewards for the first completion.

  • Each puzzle has one solution only. You’ll need to find out that exact solution to solve it.
  • You may need to take several actions in a sequence to complete the solution.
  • You need to unlock the Challenges sequentially.

Game Modes
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Game Modes - Frenemy

Frenemies is an asynchronous game mode between players that have decided to become frenemies.

  • Frenemy games expire if one player fails to respond to the opponent’s last turn after certain days.
  • There are no rewards for completing Frenemy Mode games.
  • In Frenemy mode, players can choose which map to play on.

Game Modes
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