Async mode QOL suggestions

Hi! Loving the game, three suggestions for async mode:

  • A better name. I get it, and I’m also a software engineer so I double get it, but something within the lore of the game would be more fun! “Nightmares” or something? Or even just “Battles”?

  • Closing out of an async game sending you back to the async menu, ESPECIALLY if you have other games ready to move, would save a lot of taps

  • The ability to STAY in an async game and see what the other player is doing would be amazing. Like an arena mode that has no timer and you can back out of/come back to later, but also if you’re both online playing at the moment, you could just both sit in the game and play it slower and more thoughtfully. This plus some kind of “timer or no timer” modes could ultimately merge “arena” and “async” into a single mode of just playing the game with or without time requirements on each move.

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Hey NullC!

These are all very interesting and neat suggestions. I haven’t seen the community bring up these kinds before and I will definitely be happy to share them with the team to see what they think about them!

These are great and appreciated! We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying the game!

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I think it’s necessary to dump you to the main menu so you can decide to level up phobies or start an arena game. I see a lot of people bringing up this point that it’s annoying to click back on the async room to join the next game. I don’t know if maybe it’s just my phone but it loads immediately for me. From my perspective just seems odd that people are complaining about 1/3 of a second interaction when submitting a turn can sometimes take minutes. Then do you dump to mainscreen if you don’t have a match waiting so you don’t unintentionally create a new one? I donno not a big issue for me but I’ve seen a lot of people talk about it. Not really seeing the distinction between async and realtime async either; I mean you already see your opponent’s turn when you click on the match. Maybe you’re wanting something more streamlined and cinematic? I’m all for more customization for frenemies battles though. I saw someone suggest custom maps and that would be super dope to just play with your friends.