Ideas for new game modes/event modes

So rn we have 3 different modes ar Async,arena and the problem solving one right
Excluding the problem solving mode
Asyn and arena both have one problem that I on occasion have faced the is getting matched with high level opponents/phobias
So from that experience and inspired by Clash royal I got an idea for an event/permanent mode “Draft mode”
The map has to be a large one (9x9)
The rules wille be can’t use your phobies (sucks right :joy::pray:t2:)
2. at the start of the match you get to choose 1 of 2 phobies randomly selected from the entire roster not just the ones you own for a total of 8 times
And the match starts as normal from here


Yes, definitely need draft mode. I would love that!

I don’t know if your topic is for ideas in general or just yours but just in case … I would like a mode where you can choose 8 fears w there are blocks that you have to destroy to find medals and in which the winner is either who destroys all the fears of the enemy or who finds the most medals. The map should be larger to make it more difficult for fears to meet and some of the fear abilities in this mode should be adapted (for example the magnet pushing back could push blocks and maybe each block could have close, in a box further on, spikes that do 100% damage to him and that also do 100% damage to fears).