Game matching

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to know if there is any issue with the pairing.

Im lvl 82 with around 2900 points. One of my last games I was paired to play against Karth, second best player in the world with 3500 points.

Though I quite enjoyed the game and Karth was inmensely nice, because he could have wiped me really quick, im wondering if there is some kind of bug in here, because to be honest I think its unfair that I lose match points for this kind of pairing.

My best phobie is lvl 16 and he was playing with ultra rare phobies lvl 26.

I leave a couple photos :grin:

Overall I cant be happier with this game tbh.

It can happen a lot in arena, one problem is that at high ranks theres not a lot of people to match with, and so if match times get too long it will start looking for people at lower and lower ranks until you get… that.