GG / Shake hands button

A lot of times when a game ends I’d like to do the equivalent of a shake-hands, let the other guy know i thought it was a good one and it was nice playing them. Maybe add a button for that? Not a full-blown irritating emote system à la Hearthstone, you know, just a button. If the devs feel like it, it could even be tied to some minor rewards for clicking it, but there pros and cons to this (engagement goes up, sincerity goes down).

Hey @Nihgo I believe the team is looking on about this social aspect, pretty sure we’ll have something of some sort soon enough

Well I think the ingame portrait we buy with cash/tears/coffee can be used as emotes.

As Cats mentioned, our team is looking into the social elements that could be implemented within the game and it’s definitely something our team has considered. We’ll keep sharing the interest in social aspects with our team. :slight_smile: