Phobies In-Game Emotes - Thoughts?

I would really love it if there was an option to add/make in-game emotes. During your turn, you could add an emote after a specific phobie’s turn (and would be shown during the enemy’s turn to them respectively when you place them as they view your turn), and only one per phobie, to prevent spamming of them. If you’re in Arena, you could be limited to one every 5-10 seconds or so… I think this would add a lot of fun and/or a “communication feeling” in the game, as we are not currently able to chat with other players in-game. I would seriously die if the developers took note of this suggestion and I’m also wondering what you guys think.


I was thinking the exact same thing! I would love to have a way to communicate to my opponent (without typing words and be offensive), maybe like standard phrases that we could click like “GG”, “Heeheehee”, “I’m screwed”, etc. Just to make it fun. Also when in Arena, if your opponent makes a sucky move, you can show an anger emoji, or if you make a good move, a smiley, those kind of stuff. I would love this.

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Yeah, because seriously the game NEEDS some kind of social aspects to it that we have literally zero options from; aside from battling Frenemies…

Never been a fan of it personally my arena opponents already intentionally stall out matches dont need them doing a heehee emote while doing it