Got a new phobie (meme)

got a new phobie (hint its not misanthrope)
opinion: watch out mechanical mains, for he is ranged!
mind the quality


I like this, i recently got him too.

How disgraceful! No respect!

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Chill out, he just got it! its not a threat. yet…

my only ranged electric will no longer be eratic

Pretty good unit, i remember fearing him when maining bomangles on small maps

no offense but I cant just let the Heavo’s live

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Nice yougot sparky​:+1::+1:

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Heavo 3.0 enters You WHAT!?

okay I am now officially switching sides, just got BLONDIE BOYS

i’m too lazy to put the gost’s reaction meme but you deserve that

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I enter w sparky, eratic, thunder rocks, ray chargels, and temptress. Then pull out fishtank