Best phobie (in your opinion)

What’s the best phobie in your opinion?
I’ll start all heavos

Akira I think. The fact that it can pull everything is very deadly.

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Heavo 3, Boss, Fire Ant, they all spread so much fire very fast

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I would have to say mount crushmore. He’s my go to. And alastor. I just got her and I’ve been having a lot of fun.


I would say:

  1. Attractor. Best phobie in the game, creates a huge ‘danger zone’ that you can’t walk into and is generally just disgusting.

  2. Boss. After Beauty got nerfed Boss is the next go-to general use big unit. It punishes clumping together (which is a common strat) and turrets (which are meta) and it also works incredibly well with damage buffs.

  3. Gonzo Bonzo. The damage buff is absolutely nuts, especially when paired with 100% aoe attacks. Even when used with normal units it’s also very strong (it’s as if it has insane range since you can buff something in front of it) which makes it really hard for the opponent to fight back.

Honorable Mentions: Akira (insane on large maps), 3.0 (a lot like Boss but a bit less problematic IMO), Bluelien (best healer in the game, has the stats of a 4-cost combat unit but also gets to spam spa’s for some reason), Snowball (very versatile, used almost every match by everyone, can snipe from spawn and is the cheapest source of fire which is great against dimensionals), Hematic Ginsting (a bit over-stated)


It’s hard to say. Klepto has persistently been in my mvp list. It and Hermetic Ginsting both have a broadly useable, no downside, accessible costed thing going on. Similarly, Stabby just gets summoned every game. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

None of them feel like they’re deforming the map around them, but they’re just kinda permanently relevant.

The two I hate most to see played:

Attractor is painful to try to counterplay. Would probably be my pick for best unit. It’s obnoxious on flat maps and basically wins certain hole-covered maps.

Bluelien and Greylien got their key costs swapped on a spreadsheet somewhere or something. Bluelien’s power is too good for its cost, and then its stats are also fine.

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yeah, i also give suggestions they need buff n neft team for this game, also need rework on 3 tile phobies

  1. Attractor : , Has good range, and can pull in multiple phobies
  2. Heavo 3.0: Has a 2 range lob explosion for normal attack plus has 2 speed and 3000 hp robot, that is something hard to kill
  3. Werewolf: 3 speed for moving around the map and capturing points, then gets 3000 hp and 650 damage to destroy other phobies up close
    Honorable mentions: Doughzer 3000 hp 600 dmg 2 range attack, plus a 2 range ability that stops a phobie from moving for 2 turns. Heart Breaker, one of the best abilities when used correctly on big maps, sets up very good combo plays, especially if you use attractor first then his ability. Puff, 2 speed that flies, plus fire damage with a line of sight attack.

The GLOB, because he has a lot of hp, and anyone close to him will get eaten if you don’t have a pushing/pulling phobie to free the digested phobie. And his card just looks cool, he scares you on the stage without needing a face to stare at you.

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Rusty kinda cracked ngl

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nah i wouldn’t be so sure, Leshy has a very good healing ability especially in a small map and with many phobies, you can give 1100Hp (with Leshy at level 1) to 6 phobies together in one turn… imagine at level 15/20 or 30…

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I love how Leshy has become a meme :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Still not even the worst unit in the game (or worst UR anymore) in my opinion - Which is pretty crazy :joy:

Edit: Also as an update to my comment before the top 3 is probably Attractor, Gonzo and Akira now. (Boss, Cupcake and Bluelien somewhere right below those)


to me its Cerberus very tanky and hits like a bus

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After a dozen games with him, I feel like he’s practically very slow and it is countered by most >6 keys in the game. Good luck when he gets poisoned / diseased / frozen / has only 1 action per turn. People know how to deal with him when you get to the higher stress levels.

Trust me, werewolf isn’t THAT good. I’ve used him quite a bit, but he’s definitely very difficult to use as he doesn’t follow your desires. Switches at bad times.

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I enjoy the black sheep sry a little new but lvled ìs pretty strong and hits a hexagon of poisioning … but am i nuts or does the poision and such only hurt the other player at the end of their turn because what the card says is per turn or am i just wrong completely. But tip top favorite is dumb ok know but mans best friend my k9000…
Lol hes quick out and again lvled he draws people in th I nking its going to be an easy kill so much its confusing why not everyone looks first like i do. Hard to with little time in matchmaking but still

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I think that’s how the poison is supposed to work after the enemy’s turn they take damage and I’m sorry but I was struggling to read this😭

gonna say heavo 3.0, grimes, smiley, sir probesalot, and akira

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My top

  1. InOculus: his heavy hitting and 3 range can be helpful

  2. Snowball: very good for capturing panic points and ridding dimensional without the consequences (and that I just love wolves)

  3. Rockus: boomer on steroids.

  4. badside manners: has decent health while having good attack when he is higher levels (don’t judge)

  5. Terrordactyl: its undead while it having good damage plus resurrection and flying can make it annoying to deal with.

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