Gripes with user interface

Hello, I wanted to start off by saying I’ve been playing for about a little over 7 months and I absolutely love the game. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’d like to preface my critiques by making clear I play on my iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 has no home button and instead uses swiping from right to left from the bottom of your screen to navigate through other apps you have running in the background. This is an issue because when I play Phobies I very often end up switching apps in the middle of a match because the character select bar sits far too close to the bottom of the screen. This has costed me a fair few games unfortunately. Maybe that says more about my indecisiveness leading me to have to make more last minute decisions during arena matches but I digress. I think the character select could use an overhaul not only for that reason but because once you’ve progressed through the game enough you amount so many Phobies that scrolling through you entire library to find that one Phobie you need to make a play becomes frustrating. A way you could fix this is by maybe stacking the menu so that there are two rows of Phobies on screen at once instead of just one and also moving up the menu a little so that players don’t accidentally swipe out of the app during matches.

Usually i use my starred phobies, not because i prefer them, but because i use them the most

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