~Viva la Phobie~

First off congrats on such a great game
Salutes from our beautiful México :mexico: , I have a few ideas I’d love for you the game developers and higher ups to consider on your next update:

  1. Multiplayer for arena mode, try a 3 vs 3 no need for bonuses, prizes can even come down to half (3 coffee, 150 tears & algorithm xp) since they will almost be lightning rounds, nothing to heavy for the game to get laggy maybe only allow 2 characters per person like a melee or range & healer or trap types, I’ll leave that to your consideration.

  2. The ad for an extra jack head is something I applaud and am happy it’s only 1 so people don’t have it so easy by spamming it for rewards, nevertheless, as you have read many times before spending coffee on any pack should guarantee a new phobie, maybe a trade in system where you sacrifice certain Phobies to get better or absolute odds :+1:t4:

  3. Lore, I think this would be phenomenal, plus a reaction when Phobies meet on the board would give it so much more depth, you want people to spend more time on the app so maybe by upgrading a creature will unlock it’s backstory short clips would up the appreciation :crossed_fingers:t4:


What you have going in that second suggestion is a great idea! Very solid way to keep people from feeling like they wasted coffee

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