Has there ever been a game you actually shed a tear to (or multiple)

Mine is this one, The Last Guardian

Now i was little when i watched jacksepticeye play it and i cried more then, but id still cry to this because ITS ALL JUST SO SWEET AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME :sob::sob::sob:, SEEING THE GUARDIAN (forgot name) GET HIS TAIL RIPPED FROM THE OTHER GUARDIANS AND GET BEAT UP SO BADLY, AND STILL GET PUNISHED FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE SEEING HIM IS JUST THE SADDEST PART TO ME

Umm… Minecraft

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… ima guess your dog died

Actually, I only have pet cats, birds, or chicken. Sometimes a sheep.
It’s just a depressing game tbh, when I played on PC I didn’t know how to play multiplayer and I was so lonely
Also the music

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