Not getting tears

I was patient to complete 3000 tears but i did not really watch it.
Finally, after almost 30-40 games i realized that my tears were stuck in 2975.
After ever game I see a paragraph saying i.e. “100 tears accumulated in this game”, but tears remain the same!

Hey there @ipnotistis ! I am sorry that you experienced this. Our team can help investigate this concern, however, we need more details from you. Could you please send us an email at:

I just sent an email, thanks.

We will continue chatting via email but I’ll post an update here as well!

Hi, several days have passed but still no reply. Could you instruct support team to have a look on the matter please? Or at least, inform me that my email was read and being proceesed/evaluated.

Hey there! We have asked if you could submit your logs to us!
Have you been able to do so?

Have you received any response? They might be showing up in your spam folder.
Look for any email from

( I just sent another email at 8:25AM )

Oh yes. It was in spam. That’s weird, I didn’t expect an email be going there if i ve reached out first. Seems email provider does not have a rule out if you send first…
I ll reply soon

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That’s quite alright! I figured that would have likely been the reasoning for it!
We’ll continue the investigation via email but I’ll update this thread here with our findings during the investigation as well!