Hello I am looking for friends I am level 4 i Lost My acount :(

I’m looking for friends to add I lost my phobies account :frowning: and I’m looking for friends I lost my phobies account :frowning: and I’m looking for friends


I want to be your friend

Feel free to add me, my IGN is ‘ManInYellow’ just like my username on the forum. :slight_smile:

Awww… I like this post. :slight_smile: You can also join our Discord Server to meet other Phobies Wranglers!

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can i add you too? :grin:

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Sure, it’s not like it costs anything to add each other or that we have a limited amount of friend spots anyway. :smiley:


whats your ign bruh?


My ign is alvin4143, just don’t put the fishtank part

IGN is SaTaNiStIc, just like my forum name.

my ign is Yaki, feel free to add

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My IGN is ‘CyberEagle’ feel free to add me as your friend

Username is cooljoshuah

I’d have ye as mah crewmate, mate. Join me party!

Oh so sweet, you can add me and my Code To:ddb0baa62e710cb5

Funny, you mean Like man in black.

Add my account, name is Anellar feel free to hit me up with any match you like, the games here for fun!

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My user is monsterfight my stress level is 17 lol