Want to be frenemies?

I’ve been using the practice feature against bots in the game to try and help improve my gameplay on different maps but even on the hardest setting I’m still winning every time.

Also the A.I doesn’t use the same Phobies or strategies that you’d find when playing against an actual player.

Would anyone be interested in adding me as a frenemy so we can hopefully help improve each other’s gameplays without the pressure of winning or loosing a real game?

If so, my accounts are:

MrCrowle (Lv 32)

happychappy (Lv 28)

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Hi @Andypandy744 ! I would like to invite you to join us in our official Discord Server if you haven’t done so yet! We have a lot of active players there who would be more than happy to add you as their Frenemy! And feel free to join their strategy discussions in the #meta-chat channel. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! @NekoRei I have joined the discord server and look forward to meeting and chatting with new players