History Of Phobias

Hello Phobies players!

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I think we all have a desire to have the bios of every Phobie!

But… we want you to use your imagination and create the biography of any Phobie!

Boss, did you get out of hell?

What happened to the deer?

Was there a failed wedding?



La biografia de beauty:

This would be my bio for murder wing

One day in a match, Blinky was attacking Terrordactyl aggressively, so in help, gonzo bonzo helped Terrordactyl by attacking Blinky. A little piece of Blinky was cutted with a laser, but the little help of the monkey wasn’t enough for killing him. Terrordactyl fell, Blinky went for Bonzo and crushed him like a unedible Susway sandwich. When Blinky was going to step on Terrordactyl’s skeleton, this last one disappears without being touched by him, Blinky didn’t understood, but then, the little cutted piece of his body was alive and it finished Terrordactyl! As a remember of this, Murder Wing has a Terrordactyl’s broken skull, which shows to everyone around so they can admire how the size doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

(In spanish/en español)

Un dia en una partida, Blinky atacaba a Terrordactyl agresivamente, asi que para ayudar, gonzo bonzo atacó a Blinky. Un pequeño pedazo de Blinky fue cortado por el laser, pero la poca ayuda del makako no fue suficiente para matarlo. Terrordactyl fue derrotado, Blinky fue a por Bonzo y lo aplastó como si fuera un sandwich sin poder comer de Susway. Cuando Blinky iba a rematar a Terrordactyl, este ultimo desaparecio sin que lo tocase, Blinky no entiendó, pero luego, el pequeño pedazo cortado estaba vivo y habia rematado a Terrordactyl!
Como recuerdo de esto, Murder Wing tiene un craneo roto de Terrordactyl puesto, el cual enseña a todos alrededor para que admiren como el tamaño no importa :slight_smile:

(La ultima parte queda mejor en ingles ya que es una medio rima) (Aparte, Un Bonzo voló sobre mi y me corto un pedazo con su rasho laser)

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Tremendo amigo!

Me encantan leer estas cosas por la creatividad que tiene cada uno. (Y si, se lee la rima en ingles UwU)


Raised in a poor area where Circus and Freakshow thrive and come visit from town to town. Little contortio amazed upon what he saw on the local show. He said to his dad that he wants to be a magician but get heavy rejection from the family as it deemed to be impossible. Little contortio was saddened but didn’t gave up on his dream. He learn small magics using ropes and cards on its own. He always shares what he learn with his sister. Young man with a dream try his luck to apply the circus. With grace, The master of the circus sees the fire in this kid’s eye and raise him to be escape artist. And he use a hidden name for the show and start earning small money. The little kid’s eye glow and there’s smile on his face. A very big smile.

Little contortio was very happy, he lives his dream and also earning money from it. he also share the money with the sisters and hid it from their dreadful parents. He save up the money and plan to go along with the circus when they gonna leave the town. He also kept it secret that he wants to bring his sister too

The dad of contortio start to sniff out that little contortio has money. The dad follows contortio and found that little kid is now working on local circus show. The dad also found out that little contortio want to leave house. Jealous, Dad want to sabotage the show that little contortio stars in. The little escape artist now unknowingly facing his dad.

The day has come and the dad sabotaged the show, Little escape artist got strangled in the ropes and got pulled apart by the trap. It was meant to be safe even if it fails but the dad sabotaged it into a lethal trap. Now little escape artist got his body twisted by the ropes and stabbed by hundred of spikes and died on that moment. The show went absolute bananas and The dad is satisfied but become deranged that he killed his own son. on the eye of the dad, Little escape artist become a ghost every night to haunt the dad. In a form of contorted human. He return to make it a living hell for the dad. from that day on, contortio, become the contortionist ghost that preys his dad until the end of time.

Bo Mangles

He used to be an anymatronic which you could borrow from a guy for birthday parties (if you paid him of course). He could dance, tell jokes and give kids balloons. Kids loved him. One day he was borrowed for a kids birthday party as usual. The kid having a birthday party called Billy was naughty and liked doing mischief. That was probably why the parents borrowed Bo Mangles for the birthday party. The kids played with him normally at first but then Billy started throwing rocks at him, pulling on his arms and tried to break him for fun. The other kids did the same because they were his friends. The parents didnt mind it at all. Bo Mangles tried to make them stop but they didnt listen and continued to break him. He tried pushing them aside but Billy fell down and started crying. Bo Mangles helped Billy up and gave him a balloon and thought it would calm him down. Billy got angry and popped the balloon by jumping on it. Then he took a rock from the ground and threw it directly at Bo Mangles head. He stopped for a few seconds. He malfunctioned and started acting differently. He couldnt stop laughing, his eyes glowed red and he kept talking to billy. Instead of trying to make kids laugh he wanted to make them scream. He started shooting his head at them and other heads emerged from his body. He scared the kids into running to their parents. They called 911 and the police tried putting a suit with long sleeves on him. He didnt want that to happen so he shot his head at them just like with the kids and injured a couple of cops. They mannaged to pit it on him but didnt know how to stop him from shooting his head at people so they locked him up in a cell. They wanted to turn him off so they called the owner of the animatronic. He tried it but Bo Mangles shot his head at him and killed him. Then he shot at the police and got out of the cell and was free to scare more people. He didnt figure out how to take off the suit yet though.


Someone stubbed their toe. It fell off.


Uni-corn bio:

Some teenagers were exploring an abandoned field at night and surprisingly enough there were rows of wild corn stalks growing in the field. The teenagers decided to explore the field and found one stalk of corn growing high above the rest. When they walked over to it they saw that all other stalks of corn in a ten foot radius around this one stalk were either wilted or half eaten. One teenager (I’ll call him Jeff) approached the tall stalk, when Jeff got within the ten foot circle he got an ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. Earlier Jeff’s friends dared him to grab the big stalk of corn because his friends knew Jeff was a scaredy-cat and wanted to see how far he’d go. When Jeff grabbed the big stalk he broke it of at the stem. This would be his undoing, as Jeff carried the stalk back to his friends he felt a sharp pain where he was holding the stalk and dropped it. When he inspected his hand he saw small teeth marks in it. There were only to marks in total but both drew blood. He looked to where he had dropped the corn stalk but it was gone. After fumbling through the field he felt another sharp pain but this time in his leg. As Jeff looked down he saw yellow roots covered in spines across his ankle and lower leg (bellow the knee). Once he freed himself from the roots he hobbled back to his friends and told them what happened. Jeff’s friends didn’t believe him when he told them about the roots but they were still scared after seeing his leg. Jeff and his friends left a few minutes later because they got the feeling they were being watched. From then on Uni-corn has been prowling fields, setting traps for the unsuspecting and searching for it’s next victim.

Here’s my bio for my beloved Slammerhead:

Shark + Warthog = Abominatio- I mean perfection.

Throughout his lifespan, Slammerhead has an insatiable hunger for meat, and the strong desire to test the limits of his thick and nigh-indestructible skull against those who are unfortunate enough to get caught in his rampage. To further challenge himself, Slammerhead butts heads with other phobies, especially his favorite rival and brother Finnigan, who also has a tendency to wreak havoc with nothing but his head.


In the space war between USA and Russia, USA wanted to become the winner. So NASA did something for the first time in history: Sent a rocket to outer space. The rocket was designed to move with the speed of light. It arrived at another star system. The astronauts were three people. They found a weird, blue egg at the planet. They took it to the lab inside the rocket and examined it. A few days later one of them noticed that the egg was missing. He was going to tell this to others, so he ran to the bedroom. But all he found was a space suit, a HELP ME written on the wall and a blue substance which looked like a very acidic saliva. Then he heard a scream and ran to the source (of the scream). He saw a horrifying scene: a one-eyed, octopus-like creature consuning his coworker. Then the creature attacked him and tried to consume him too. But the astronaut was older than the others, so his flesh wasn’t as tasty as them. The creature decided to stick to his head and control his body. Then it launched the rocket and went to Earth, because it’s a super intelligent and evil being.