Lippy and Phobies, lore?

So Lippy tells us how each Phobie is a kind of fear and such, but I can’t indentify each kind of them I see in the Arena. As money is hard to come by I can’t pay to win with so many awesome Phobies I saw, but I want to know what kind of fear each of them represent.

Is there any lore thread or something like it?

No, but im pretty sure most phobies arent based off fears anyway almost all of them are just some kind of creature like barzilla, sure you can make the arguement that he represents dipsophobia but come on we all know theres a phobia for pretty much everything. Most phobies design dont represent the fear they might be particulary well anyway

I think that would be awesome and machine-king they are based on phobias barzilla might be fear of getting drunk

P sure Barzilla hits the scary monster trope. It doesn’t have to talk about a specific phobia like getting drunk or something. Also a way around copyright infringement.

My idea for some phoies ( there’s I have )

Razor Mouth: Cats Phobies
Elktrikat : Cats + Electricity Phobies
Cowbell : Bots Phobies
Boomer : Rocks Phobies
Maggy : Fly Phobies
Cassowary : Dino Phobies
Eternal Knight : Executionner Phobies
Mike Roscopik : Microbe Phobies ( Hard Phobies )
Spud : Mud Phobies
Clinico : Antibiotic Phobies
Bo Mangles : Clown Phobies
Jar Cannon : Strange Things Phobies
Grave Digger : Grave Phobies
Murder Wings : Skull Phobies
Bad Sushis : Dead Fish Phobies
Baby Sneaky : Snake Phobies
Sheeping Gas : Gas Phobies
Geensting : Bea Phobies

isnt cassowary a bird because its named after one? he even makes bird like sounds