Horrible luck

Open 4 packs horrific and 2 in dreadful but didn’t manage to get any new phobies to compete with at my current lvl

I mean this draw wasn’t that bad first time getting 3 new phobies in a row the others didn’t really gave me any new phobies to work with just like AWOL, Maggie, and Alley Gator really good tank btw and Wolly Bully.

Really expected better was really hoping on a new high damage dealer like Chuck, boss or beauty something along those lines i don’t i only have 2 phobies from the 8 keys category and no one above that so how has your luck been while opening packs recently or what your go to high value damage dealer.


Im sorry to hear that. Im only aiming in leveling up my current phobies in order to compete.

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This game isn’t worth spending money on in this state…
Devs should really make phobies easier to get, since right now you can sink 100 bucks into the game and get some weak trash you already had…

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@ARG-S32K0 that was the last time spending on the game just leveling up the phobies I already have.